What is it you need to look for in a Coworking space in Chennai?

Chennai is a mix of tradition and modern fusing and creating a great place to live and work. I grew up in Chennai and went abroad and after 14 years came back to Chennai. Back there in Boston, I had used multitude of Co-working spaces but always ended up gravitating to that small nice and affordable space where I know the owner on a first name basis and can call in if I needed something.

When thinking about coworking spaces in chennai, I realized that the market here was dominated by a few big coworking behemoths without a face and a personal touch or a few poorly run smaller spaces. 

My search for coworking spaces in chennai was to find something affordable, this is more so important given the post Covid economic situations and at the same time wanted it to be in the center of the city. Afterall, real estate is all about location, location location baby! 

Thus Workamuse was born:

  1. Convenient Location – Right in Nungambakkam and close to shops, Business Centers, banks, Trains and buses
  2. Affordable Pricing – Lowest in the City even though located at the heart of it 
  3. Flexible – Coworking space in Chennai that offers private rooms as well as Individual seats

If you are like me, then definitely Workamuse in Nungambakkam is the perfect coworking space in Chennai!